How does it work? 

Its simple, in return for a monthly payment - we send you 6 of the freshest beers on the market. Each month has a theme, it could be location or style or whatever.

What sort of beers do I get? Do I chose? 

The beers you receive will be a complete mix (chosen by us), from American IPAs to Apricot Sours & everything in between. The membership is meant to challenge your tastebuds & sample things you might not go for usually - you never know, you might be missing out on your favourite beer all this time!

What if I really love a particular beer? 

We are suspecting there will be plenty of 'love at first tastes' throughout your membership, however, if you have a certain favourite we can send you out full crates of that beer alone. Just send us a message & we can sort that out for you. 

When do you deliver them? 

All beers will be delivered on the 3rd week of the month, we aim for all boxes to be there for Thursday latest - giving you chance to enjoy them over the weekend. 

Can I cancel my subscription? 

Of course, there is no minimum amount of time you need to be a member. Give it a go, if you don't enjoy them (but you will) simply cancel. We won't take offence. Ok, maybe we will. The best way to do it is ask us to take a break & we can suspend your subscription for a couple of months. 

Can I send this as a gift? 

What a lucky person who will receive this as a gift. Yes, by all means. Get in touch & we can send out one-off boxes to the recipient or if they're really lucky, just buy them a monthly membership. 

Who delivers my beers?

UK members - your precious cargo will be delivered by an overnight service, which you will receive a tracking code for so you can watch those beer get closer by the hour. Local members - you guys are not so lucky, it will be delivered by either Tom or Soph (we are the Husband & Wife team behind 110 Beer Box). We will get in contact with you to see when & where is best to drop off your goods. Keep an eye out for one of our trusty Land Rovers which we deliver in!