Each event is unique so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

To give you an idea, we normally ask for a deposit of £350 to secure the date, receive £100 back if a spend of £1000 is met* 

*within 25 miles of Great Ayton. We cover the whole UK, travel will be added for events further afield

Decisions, decisions ..


Dry Hire

We deliver the Beer Wagon - set it up with your stock. Away you go - party all night long. Then we will come and collect when you have finished

Half Cut

Cash Bar

We serve your guests drinks. They pay for individual drinks by cash or card.

Easy as that!


Account Bar

A fully paid & loaded bar for all your guests. Not need to worry about cash or costs at your event. All is agreed beforehand.

We provide the Defender & Staff


Hybrid Bar

We run a free bar up to an agreed limit with the host, after which, the guests pay for their own drinks.

Hell Fire

Personalised Bar

You control the whole event, you chose your beers, you chose your theme, personalise the whole occasion to fit in with your event. We provide the Beer Wagon & Staff

Make it an event to remember!